Eleven years ago, the Erie Playhouse chose me to turn our organization around. I am proud to say that with a dedicated staff, board and thousands of volunteers, I accomplished that goal! In August, I will leave the Playhouse better than I found it for the next generation. I will do the same for the City of Erie.

We are at a pivotal time, but our transformational path is clear. We need a spark of new leadership to meet the changes, promote progress and provide hope and opportunities; someone who has the experience to dive in on Day One, the passion to see big plans through to completion, and the temperament to bring differing factions together to move Erie forward. I am that spark for new politics and good government!

I’ve been an agent for change my whole career, using my role at the Playhouse to do much more than produce shows. I have done my part to make Erie brighter by being part of the solution, not part of the problem. The status quo – career politicians and stubborn elected officials whose egos get in the way of much-needed change – get in the way of the progress we so desperately need and deserve.

I am proud of the campaign we’ve run, and the support I’ve built. I take pride in the fact that I haven’t taken donations from big dollar donors. Coming from a working-class family, I have no personal fortune to buoy my campaign. The fact that other campaigns are spending much more than many Erie families make in a year (the average is $33,000), does not sit well with me. If elected, I won’t owe anyone anything; I’ll owe everyone everything. I’ll represent and serve all of Erie.

Erie has a proud tradition of excellent female leaders – Joyce, Judy and Jane – serving their constituents and leading by example. I will be honored and humbled to carry on this tradition of strong, capable and honest women getting the job done!

Please join me in turning Erie around. Over the next week, please lend a hand. Volunteer, donate, request a yard sign, spread the word, and VOTE on MAY 16! We are absolutely going to be outspent, but no matter what others claim, this race is wide open, and I feel great about our prospects. The only endorsement that matters to me is yours.

Thank you for all you’ve done – and all you will do – in the final days of this campaign.

Here’s to a better, brighter and bolder future, together!

– Almi

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