When Almi asked me to volunteer on her campaign, I didn’t hesitate. I’ve known Almi for 16 years. She’s smart. She’s a hard worker. When she sets a goal, she doesn’t stop until she gets results. I didn’t doubt for a second that Almi is the leader we need at this critical juncture.

What I didn’t know, but I learned very quickly, is that she’s got the most incredible stamina I’ve ever seen. Re-watch one of the debates or forums and you’ll see what I mean. When others were tired and running out of steam, Almi was just getting started!

For the past five months, Almi juggled the rigors of a campaign, a full-time job leading one of Erie’s most beloved organizations, her master’s degree courses, volunteer work, and of course, her family (It should come as no surprise that a mom can multitask!). On top of that, she directed “The Glorious Ones,” which won state and regional competitions and is one of only ten productions in the nation invited to compete at the national level.

But above all that, here’s what impresses me most: Almi does her homework. While other candidates were locking down big dollar donors, Almi was meeting with experts on issues impacting Erie, asking tough questions and gathering information so that she’s truly ready to lead on Day One.

Put simply, whatever Almi does, she gets the job done.

As voters, we need to expect more of our leaders. Trust me when I say nobody will hold Almi to a higher standard than Almi herself. And she will work harder than anybody to get the job done. I’m proud to stand with my friend, Almi. I hope you’ll stand with her, too.


Zach Flock
Campaign Manager

P.S. Like all of Almi’s campaign team, I’m a volunteer. I’m working with Almi because I believe in a better, brighter, bolder future for Erie! If you do, too, then volunteer and/or donate!

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